Which is the fastest web framework?

For a project I was reading some benchmarks at GitHub and google, I found an article then I was surprised, its too much interesting result for me, you can check the result below.


LanguageFrameworkAverage50th percentile90th percentileStandard deviationRequests / sThroughput
rust (1.38)nickel (0.11)0.24 ms0.20 ms0.39 ms199.3337636.674.97 Mb
ruby (2.6)syro (3.1)2.70 ms0.63 ms7.94 ms4143.6746844.331.80 Mb
ruby (2.6)roda (3.25)2.79 ms0.67 ms8.10 ms4188.6745494.672.88 Mb
rust (1.38)iron (0.6)3.04 ms2.93 ms4.49 ms1368.6721289.671.76 Mb
ruby (2.6)cuba (3.9)3.06 ms0.57 ms9.41 ms5064.3341756.673.27 Mb
ruby (2.6)rack-routing (0.0)3.84 ms0.73 ms11.38 ms5596.0033197.001.27 Mb
c (11)agoo-c (0.7)4.59 ms4.28 ms8.86 ms3377.00209196.008.02 Mb
ruby (2.6)camping (2.1)4.67 ms0.49 ms16.08 ms8578.6727517.671.74 Mb
node (12.11)sifrr (0.0)4.79 ms4.32 ms9.82 ms4054.33203003.6711.84 Mb
nim (1.0)httpbeast (0.2)5.02 ms4.54 ms9.61 ms3651.00192873.3318.20 Mb
python (3.7)japronto (0.1)5.13 ms4.63 ms9.96 ms3909.00189149.6715.00 Mb
cpp (11)drogon (1.0)5.42 ms4.90 ms9.91 ms3546.00177889.3311.44 Mb
ruby (2.6)flame (4.18)5.47 ms0.49 ms19.16 ms10784.3323469.670.90 Mb
swift (5.1)swifter (1.4)5.56 ms0.85 ms14.54 ms86445.0011871.001.01 Mb
cpp (11)evhtp (1.2)5.90 ms5.24 ms9.56 ms2929.33160195.6710.30 Mb
go (1.13)gorouter-fasthttp (4.2)6.04 ms5.38 ms9.31 ms3625.67156380.0016.64 Mb
go (1.13)fasthttprouter (0.1)6.18 ms5.11 ms9.14 ms9601.00161432.0017.23 Mb
go (1.13)atreugo (8.2)6.26 ms5.19 ms9.27 ms8758.00159818.3321.31 Mb
go (1.13)fasthttp (1.5)6.33 ms4.87 ms8.99 ms12920.33168733.3318.05 Mb
crystal (0.31)router.cr (0.2)6.46 ms5.66 ms10.55 ms3220.00149292.339.31 Mb
crystal (0.31)toro (0.4)6.47 ms5.67 ms10.55 ms3222.00148845.339.28 Mb
ruby (2.6)hanami (1.3)6.66 ms0.60 ms22.99 ms11912.3319246.009.67 Mb
crystal (0.31)raze (0.3)6.75 ms5.91 ms10.91 ms3312.00143044.338.91 Mb
java (8)rapidoid (5.5)6.80 ms5.09 ms11.01 ms13146.00163718.0019.53 Mb
crystal (0.31)kemal (0.28)7.09 ms6.44 ms10.91 ms3221.67135783.6714.71 Mb
nim (1.0)jester (0.4)7.29 ms6.65 ms11.72 ms3980.00145089.0019.33 Mb
c (11)kore (3.3)7.41 ms5.96 ms13.15 ms9455.67161905.6729.17 Mb
crystal (0.31)amber (0.3)7.67 ms7.04 ms12.12 ms3559.67126369.6715.33 Mb
ruby (2.6)sinatra (2.0)7.97 ms0.68 ms26.40 ms13397.6716038.672.76 Mb
crystal (0.31)orion (1.7)8.35 ms7.80 ms13.19 ms3888.33116803.0012.65 Mb
ruby (2.6)grape (1.2)9.51 ms0.80 ms31.25 ms15583.6713576.000.51 Mb
java (8)act (1.8)9.73 ms7.65 ms13.12 ms15954.67121682.3313.92 Mb
go (1.13)gorouter (4.2)9.88 ms8.05 ms16.18 ms9871.67105554.679.31 Mb
go (1.13)rte (0.0)9.89 ms7.84 ms15.73 ms13656.33107851.679.58 Mb
rust (1.38)actix-web (1.0)10.23 ms9.78 ms13.79 ms3258.67105115.3310.09 Mb
go (1.13)echo (4.1)10.69 ms8.56 ms19.02 ms8175.6796770.6711.26 Mb
go (1.13)violetear (7.0)10.72 ms8.90 ms16.17 ms12167.0097186.008.55 Mb
go (1.13)gin (1.4)10.99 ms8.60 ms19.20 ms10553.0096706.3311.25 Mb
go (1.13)goroute (0.0)11.04 ms8.56 ms19.05 ms13101.0096836.0011.27 Mb
go (1.13)chi (4.0)11.16 ms8.27 ms18.36 ms17216.00101013.678.96 Mb
go (1.13)beego (1.12)11.22 ms8.77 ms19.63 ms10964.0095757.678.54 Mb
go (1.13)kami (2.2)11.31 ms8.63 ms17.37 ms18533.0098168.678.66 Mb
go (1.13)webgo (3.0)11.62 ms9.32 ms18.84 ms12303.3391533.008.08 Mb
python (3.7)falcon (2.0)12.45 ms10.15 ms20.53 ms7317.6780978.0012.58 Mb
go (1.13)air (0.13)12.70 ms9.58 ms23.38 ms12702.0084610.0011.70 Mb
swift (5.1)perfect (3.1)12.99 ms13.07 ms15.50 ms4827.3374517.004.64 Mb
go (1.13)gorilla-mux (1.7)13.51 ms8.56 ms19.96 ms33361.3395175.678.43 Mb
csharp (7.3)aspnetcore (2.2)13.52 ms9.69 ms16.21 ms33059.3387579.339.45 Mb
node (12.11)polkadot (1.0)13.54 ms9.24 ms17.63 ms33076.3393298.679.27 Mb
go (1.13)gf (1.9)13.58 ms10.90 ms23.38 ms11764.6777603.008.73 Mb
php (7.3)one (1.8)13.74 ms12.47 ms23.63 ms8067.6773012.0011.12 Mb
ruby (2.6)agoo (2.11)13.96 ms13.56 ms18.36 ms3473.6770218.332.69 Mb
node (12.11)0http (1.2)15.87 ms9.40 ms17.70 ms45955.3391692.009.11 Mb
php (7.3)hyperf (1.0)16.97 ms14.55 ms32.28 ms11795.3361592.338.70 Mb
rust (1.38)gotham (0.4)17.32 ms16.37 ms24.25 ms18398.0059471.008.00 Mb
node (12.11)rayo (1.3)17.50 ms10.49 ms20.18 ms48826.3380132.337.96 Mb
node (12.11)polka (0.5)17.51 ms10.14 ms19.82 ms50286.6782259.338.17 Mb
ruby (2.6)plezi (0.16)17.71 ms16.45 ms23.31 ms8987.6755487.337.84 Mb
python (3.7)bottle (0.12)18.49 ms15.86 ms30.21 ms10116.6754975.338.98 Mb
php (7.3)sw-fw-less (preview)19.53 ms17.97 ms31.21 ms9924.0050967.007.76 Mb
python (3.7)blacksheep (0.2)19.53 ms17.34 ms32.78 ms10283.3351572.676.88 Mb
kotlin (1.3)ktor (1.2)19.86 ms12.19 ms29.10 ms52312.6772213.007.46 Mb
python (3.7)asgineer (0.7)20.12 ms17.88 ms33.06 ms10311.6749954.005.91 Mb
node (12.11)restana (3.3)20.18 ms9.67 ms19.11 ms67392.0088524.008.79 Mb
node (12.11)muneem (2.4)21.71 ms11.72 ms22.32 ms65248.0072124.007.16 Mb
python (3.7)hug (2.6)21.91 ms17.88 ms35.48 ms13931.6746597.007.66 Mb
python (3.7)starlette (0.12)22.08 ms18.90 ms37.56 ms11508.3345531.336.50 Mb
node (12.11)foxify (0.1)22.35 ms12.59 ms23.78 ms62906.6768189.009.50 Mb
clojure (1.10)coast (1.0)22.53 ms19.66 ms21.77 ms36208.0048332.005.76 Mb
php (7.3)swoft (2.0)23.21 ms22.53 ms30.76 ms6650.3341957.677.31 Mb
node (12.11)iotjs-express (0.0)24.19 ms14.39 ms26.72 ms64464.6759753.6716.09 Mb
swift (5.1)kitura-nio (2.8)25.57 ms20.16 ms23.38 ms61899.0047177.005.82 Mb
php (7.3)imi (1.0)26.63 ms25.65 ms33.72 ms6709.6736652.005.58 Mb
swift (5.1)kitura (2.8)27.10 ms20.72 ms23.75 ms66177.6746502.675.73 Mb
node (12.11)restify (8.4)28.43 ms19.08 ms31.25 ms59532.0045832.335.33 Mb
node (12.11)koa (2.8)28.76 ms13.84 ms26.71 ms85051.0060916.338.55 Mb
node (12.11)express (4.17)29.69 ms15.76 ms29.73 ms82691.3353886.008.75 Mb
java (8)spring-boot (2.1)29.70 ms16.10 ms36.25 ms86239.6747422.332.52 Mb
node (12.11)fastify (2.8)32.84 ms15.00 ms27.96 ms105969.0060039.3310.56 Mb
ruby (2.6)rails (6.0)33.29 ms2.49 ms110.27 ms63071.673850.331.61 Mb
python (3.7)fastapi (0.42)36.39 ms32.15 ms60.51 ms19152.0027792.003.98 Mb
python (3.7)responder (2.0)36.72 ms34.41 ms58.42 ms16339.3327054.333.91 Mb
crystal (0.31)spider-gazelle (1.6)37.63 ms35.73 ms45.36 ms15535.3326014.671.84 Mb
python (3.7)clastic (19.9)40.15 ms33.18 ms65.65 ms19619.0024875.674.09 Mb
python (3.7)molten (0.27)40.30 ms33.85 ms66.82 ms19592.0025365.673.13 Mb
fsharp (7.3)suave (2.5)40.58 ms24.44 ms100.56 ms50407.6724596.333.30 Mb
python (3.7)flask (1.1)41.74 ms36.29 ms63.43 ms16853.6723598.003.85 Mb
crystal (0.31)lucky (0.18)42.86 ms40.21 ms52.32 ms14370.3322844.331.87 Mb
node (12.11)turbo_polka (2.0)44.09 ms42.05 ms48.93 ms22248.3322322.001.39 Mb
python (3.7)aiohttp (3.6)44.17 ms42.06 ms69.09 ms19059.3322607.003.40 Mb
python (3.7)bocadillo (0.18)52.16 ms45.99 ms87.88 ms30216.0019473.672.50 Mb
java (8)micronaut (1.2)52.78 ms23.20 ms97.08 ms128239.6724704.673.43 Mb
swift (5.1)vapor (3.3)53.36 ms17.34 ms32.92 ms219012.3348897.335.54 Mb
php (7.3)lumen (6.2)53.83 ms18.27 ms114.41 ms112798.6743774.3314.42 Mb
php (7.3)slim (4.3)54.73 ms18.51 ms112.98 ms117455.3343835.0014.43 Mb
php (7.3)zend-expressive (3.2)55.56 ms18.58 ms123.67 ms115767.3343418.3314.30 Mb
python (3.7)sanic (19.9)57.11 ms51.21 ms96.65 ms38019.0018091.002.14 Mb
php (7.3)basicphp (0.9)58.93 ms19.67 ms119.40 ms123055.3340573.0013.40 Mb
php (7.3)spiral (2.2)59.60 ms59.64 ms66.25 ms8035.6716327.331.88 Mb
php (7.3)symfony (4.3)59.85 ms19.16 ms119.08 ms133181.3340957.3313.49 Mb
php (7.3)zend-framework (3.1)59.94 ms19.09 ms127.72 ms129446.6741951.3313.82 Mb
scala (2.12)http4s (0.18)65.22 ms19.31 ms45.01 ms257133.6745286.005.27 Mb
node (12.11)hapi (18.4)66.34 ms24.26 ms46.49 ms204446.6735301.336.07 Mb
crystal (0.31)athena (0.7)67.28 ms48.80 ms180.47 ms84270.6724144.672.01 Mb
php (7.3)laravel (6.4)81.27 ms22.88 ms171.46 ms188420.3335942.3311.89 Mb
node (12.11)moleculer (0.13)85.99 ms27.18 ms60.05 ms254224.6730295.333.46 Mb
python (3.7)quart (0.10)88.90 ms75.34 ms156.00 ms46756.3311209.001.48 Mb
python (3.7)cherrypy (18.3)89.78 ms73.66 ms79.81 ms233050.001373.670.21 Mb
go (1.13)gramework (1.6)96.01 ms97.62 ms102.01 ms18890.3310148.001.72 Mb
python (3.7)tornado (5.1)101.51 ms100.19 ms126.70 ms34740.679525.331.87 Mb
python (3.7)django (2.2)105.60 ms93.93 ms163.05 ms36832.339189.331.77 Mb
java (8)javalin (3.5)125.41 ms11.66 ms290.35 ms362928.3356370.676.67 Mb
python (3.7)masonite (2.2)138.54 ms129.50 ms179.52 ms53997.676988.671.14 Mb
perl (5.3)dancer2 (2.0)162.32 ms58.98 ms364.69 ms338036.671492.000.22 Mb
crystal (0.31)onyx (0.5)193.90 ms193.25 ms226.42 ms28283.675066.000.87 Mb
scala (2.12)akkahttp (10.1)220.51 ms7.35 ms96.23 ms873321.6765406.009.38 Mb
python (3.7)cyclone (1.3)399.23 ms351.41 ms445.11 ms460804.672202.670.37 Mb
python (3.7)nameko (2.12)655.34 ms551.15 ms613.68 ms770037.671278.000.18 Mb

You can find original page https://github.com/the-benchmarker/web-frameworks#results